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Is this the 2013 Range Rover?

Land Rover went from pillar to post to make sure that the upcoming Range Rover is hidden away from prying eyes. Be it the weird body moldings on the test mules or the military camouflage, the Range Rover was successfully kept under wraps for a very long

JLR plans to bring 2 concepts at the Frankfurt Motorshow

Jaguar Land Rover, now a Tata Motors owned company, is planning to shift gears at the Frankfurt Motor show. Each brand is planning to bring something new at the motorshow. More so, each company will put these models in production in the near future. Let’s

Tata Motors and JLR plan to jointly develop engines

Way back in 2008, Tata Motors bought the iconic British marquee Jaguar-LandRover for 2.3 billion dollars and then managed to turn things around in less than three years. The Indo-Brit partnership is now ready to take things on the next level. In the company’s

JLR opens new assembly plant in Pune

Jaguar Land Rover today opened the first assembly plant in India at Pune. Assembling vehicles imported from UK, the first vehicle to come off the assembly line is the Land Rover Freelander 2 shipped from the Halewood facility in Liverpool. The facility

Could JLR join hands with Chery in China?

Jaguar-Land Rover is looking at expanding its operations in China. The company now wants to locally manufacture its products in the highly lucrative Chinese market in order to bring the costs down and subsequently increase volume. JLR is very much

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Initiatives have been taken on joint development programmes for engines, vehicles and platforms, which would leverage skills of the company (Tata Motors) and JLR, resulting in synergies in operations of the company and its subsidiary. These would

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We believe these two share much DNA, but they have somewhat different characters. Range Rovers are luxurious and can command a premium; Land Rovers have a more practical toughness about them. They’ll always be related, but the two brands can go

Jaguar and Land Rover- Looking for Indian dealerships

Tata motors, which recently acquired Jaguar and Land Rover, is now helping the brands to set up their dealerships in the Indian market. Tata Motors is now exploring the domestic market in India after the success of Land Rover in Chinese and Russian market.