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Nissan Pixo new images released

New Images of the Nissan Pixo has been sent out by Nissan. This car is basically a Suzuki A-Star with a different front end. The Pixo is exclusively made at Maruti's production facility here in India and ships to various parts of the world with Europe

Weekend Special- Exclusive images of AMG cars in India

There's so much AMG related content on IAB today. First there was the AMG pack for the upcoming E-Class. Then the shiny C63 AMG, and now this.Mercedes Benz India Limited has sent us a few images of the drive that preceded the AMG launch, which was

IAB Exclusive- Fresh Tata Nano Images

Ishaque Valasseri, an IAB follower, has sent us an email with 10 images of the Tata Nano, which he photographed testing somewhere between Pune and Mumbai. We present you these images a few days after Vinayak sent us some of his Tata Nano images, snapped

IAB Exclusive- Images from the Busworld India 2009 Bus Expo

The Bus World Expo 2009 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai has just come to an end and one Indian Autos Blog reader, Santhosh Nair, thought he should let the others know what went on. Thank you so much Santhosh for sending us these pictures

More 2010 Mercedes E-Class images break out on internet

The 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class as you must know by now, is Mercedes Benz's next and most talked about car. It will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year and the original plan was to display the car to the public for the first time in Geneva lacking