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Hyundai’s HA mini car uses 814cc engine?

As we all know, Hyundai’s Korean engineers are working closely with their Indian counterpart on the HA small car, expected to debut at or before the Auto Expo next year. Hyundai could look at producing up to 70,000 HA’s in the first year and

Hyundai’s H800 to be unveiled only at Auto Expo 2012?

Hyundai's 800cc car (H800/HA for simplification) could take another 1.5 years before it hits the Indian market, a Hyundai official who wished not to be named, revealed today to Economic Times. Hyundai's unnamed official - Considering the fact that

Rendering- Hyundai’s $3,000 car

Hyundai has for the past few years been quietly working on a hatchback that will be placed under the Santro to fulfill the growing needs of developing countries such as India. Autobild has re-created the car on a photo editor, and it doesn't look all