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Hyundai i10 EV – Reality or Fiction?

The i10 EV stands next to a pretty woman at the Auto ExpoLooks reality from the company's perspective. The Korean auto manufacturer who showcased the i10 EV at the Auto Expo last week (Don't know? Then definitely Shah Rukh stole its limelight) is

Hyundai i10 EV visits Delhi Auto Expo

Hyundai i10 EV has a 100km range and 130kph top speedKorean auto company Hyundai announced today that it will showcase the i10 EV (Electric Vehicle) at the Auto Expo next month.The 5-door i10 EV hatchback is run by 49kW / 65HP electric motor and

Hyundai i10 EV to be showcased at Frankfurt next month

Hyundai has announced that it is bringing a i10 Electric Vehicle to the Frankfurt Show next month. Specifications of the EV is unavailable but the car plays a major role in the company's mission to be in the top four largest green car makers.Hyundai