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Hyundai i10 diesel only to come by 2013

The i10 has been a superhit for Hyundai in India. A diesel variant of the car would have just been an icing on the cake for Hyundai. A 1.1-litre CRDI unit was expected to be launched in the i10.But now Autocar India reports that Hyundai has shelved

Hyundai i10 diesel in 8-12 months

The Hyundai i20 was launched with a diesel engine a few weeks back. Customers felt it was priced beyond their expectation and Hyundai was quick to defend themselves citing export content as a reason for higher cost.Hyundai, as we said before, is planning

Hyundai i10 with 1.2-liter diesel engine ready?

News about the Hyundai i10 diesel is sparse, the last time we heard about such a thing was a few months back. Reports claimed the diesel car would come in two variants - one with a 1.4-liter diesel and another with a minuscule 1.1-liter CRDI engine.Now

Yet again- News on the diesel Hyundai i10 and i20

The Hyundai i20 is manufactured exclusively in India, in both diesel and petrol avatars, but India is starved of the diesel model. Numerically successful, Hyundai plans to reinforce it's attack on the Skoda Fabia and the upcoming Honda Jazz by soon releasing

Scorching i10 CRDI in early 2009

Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company, is planning to advance the rollout schedule in India for the diesel variant of its new small car, i10, from the earlier deadline of 2010 to end 2008