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Hyundai’s product onslaught continues till 2015

Within a short span of 2 years, I think I have seen more Hyundai cars than any other brand in the world. Since the time Hyundai implemented the Fluidic design philosophy, each and every model went under the scalpel to form the Hyundai Fluidic family. In

2013 Fluidic Santa Fe Brochure leaked; Reveals juicy details

You have seen the spyshots, you have seen the concept and you also know about the engine options, but it doesn’t end there. Thanks to our friends at TheKoreanCarBlog, we bring and exclusive insight into the production ready model. The brochure of the

Hyundai releases official renderings of Fluidic Santa Fe

This should comes as no surprise to IAB viewers that the current Santa Fe is all set to bid adieu to this world and a new boy will take its place. The current Santa Fe is a second generation model which was introduced way back in 2007 and carries the

What to expect at Delhi Auto Expo – Hyundai

Just like the launches of 2011, the second largest car manufacturer of India plans to stuff its pavilion with some insane cars starting with the HND-7, a concept form of soon to come MPV from Hyundai motors. The HND-7 is just a design study right now

15 launches from Hyundai India in the next 5 years

Hyundai India has recently been on a roll when it comes to launches. Right from the new i10, the fluidic Verna to the mighty EON and everything in between, Hyundai has pretty much been there and done that. The company plans to continue this onslaught

Hyundai plans 4 billion rupee diesel plant in Gujarat

We all know that Gujarat is the emerging new ‘Motown’ of India. All manufacturers are making a beeline to set up shop in Gujarat. Amidst this enthusiasm, Hyundai also has decided to construct a diesel plant in Gujarat with an installed capacity

Hyundai to export vehicles to new markets

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is looking to export its cars to new markets such as Australia, South Africa and South America. This move comes on the back of shortening demand for Hyundai's cars in Europe, due to the withdrawal of incentives such

A different looking Hyundai Santro by December 09

Supposed to be replaced by the i10, the Hyundai Santro has not only lived to talk about it, but is also set to undergo a cosmetic surgery by the year end. The changes are purely cosmetic and no announcements on the diesel engine yet.