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Honda India says GAME ON!

After watching its market share shrink to miniscule 0.73% in January by not selling anything, Honda is taking all necessary steps to make a comeback in 2012. The company has recovered from the natural calamities that god threw at it and is eager to come

HSCI resumes production in full swing

Hit by an earthquake, then by a tsunami, the Japanese know how to bounce back. After facing severe parts shortage due to natural calamities in the past year, Honda Siel India has finally resumed normal production at their plant in Greater Noida. The plant

Honda Siel forgoes dominance in all segments

The day has finally dawned upon us. Honda has been dethroned from its last dominant segment. No longer is Honda-Siel a leader in any segment of the Indian car market. It all started with 3 major products from Honda dominating the 3 respective segments.

Speculation – Honda’s roadmap for 2011-12

Pushed to the back foot after the Jazz failed to pick itself up, Honda is in a tight spot. There has been a sunroof here and a variant there but no real launches since the Jazz bowed in back in mid 2009. The new Civic is behind schedule, the Brio is also