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Driving Review – Honda Jazz Facelift

The cutesy look and the quality interior has impressed us a plenty. But a premium hatchback need to ride a class apart from the rest of the lot. Do note that the Honda Jazz is not a hot hatch as such and neither does it want to be one. Thus, despite

Interior Review – Honda Jazz Facelift

‘Man maximum, Machine minimum’ is Honda’s philosophy of making cars. 80% importance is given to the driver of the car and only 20% is given to the car. So clearly, you expect the Honda Jazz’s interiors to be cleverly packaged.

Design Review – Honda Jazz Facelift

In a front page that tumbles every few minutes with cars from the future, a review article on the Honda Jazz facelift, that was launched last year, may look like a content management system malfunctioning. Since we've never had the chance to review