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Honda unveils Brio; Looks mighty impressive

Honda has unveiled a prototype of the Brio small car which will be launched in India next year. Sources tell us that Honda is likely to put this car in showrooms next year during Diwali time. The vehicle arriving in India will be very close to

Quote of the Day

The company feels that cutting down the engine size will be a way to cut the cost of the car without hampering its quality. The (Honda) small car will be rolled out in four variants in all. A source privy to Honda's small car development, tells

Honda Brio rendered in all its glory

After Shoeb R Kalania brought you a pair of renderings of Honda's all-new small car for India, we have a really interesting interpretation from our friends in Brazil. The Brio is Honda's Etios. It will arrive in India next year with the Jazz' 1.2-liter

Will the Honda Brio turn out to look this way?

While we're on the subject of Honda's small car (Code - 2CV) for emerging markets, remember we're only speculating. The Honda Brio (as we're referring it) will have a sub-1.2-liter petrol engine under its bonnet when its begins its stint in India next

Why should Honda bring their new small car earlier?

It seems like the Honda small car will come sooner than expected In the month of March while most of the auto companies showed a positive growth in the sales, Honda’s cumulative sales dropped by about 20%. There are cash discounts being offered on

Rendering – Honda New Small Concept (Code : 2CV)

The Japanese magazine's representation is light years away from the concept shown in January Thanks to Autoten, we're able to show you a possible look of the Honda New Small Concept scheduled that could come out next year. Codenamed 2CV, the compact

Rendering – Honda’s small car (Exclusive)

Honda's small car might not even be close to this, but a brief inspection of the competition led us to this image Our photoshop master SRK was handed the task of compiling a drawing of Honda's upcoming small car meant for the Indian market. Codenamed