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Gadget Of the Day: A R/C Race Car that runs on Hydrogen

Over here is a terrific radio controlled race car which amazingly runs on hydrogen created from water and sunlight. Together with the gadget you get something called as the refueling station. When you pour water into it, the hydrogen and oxygen molecules

Gadget of the Day: Original Racing seats for your cubicle

The Ferrari and Porsche experience can now be enjoyed at the comfort of your office space. How cool is that? If your are wondering what I’m talking about here is a cool performance minded or motorsports obsessed race chairs for your office space.

Gadget of the day- Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy

Consequently, you are gazing at the TV or surfing the net. Your wife is actively cooking dinner at the kitchen and she won’t acknowledge your yells and requests, and you need a drink desperately. You just can’t afford to walk your ass to the