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Gadget – Head-Up Display for your car

In your budget car, have you ever wished that you could just keep your eyes glued to the road without having the temptation of looking down at the speedo? Although our roads do not allow us to explore the more extremes on the speed front, we often

Gadget- Bluetooth kit that mounts on the steering wheel

If you belong to the type of people who envies those driving a car with steering mounted controls, we have a potential remedy for you here. The cute fellow you see above fixes on your steering wheel and allows you to attend your calls with both hands

Gadget – Rear View Mirror Integrated Video Camera

If you want to record something in front of you while driving, you no longer have to drive using one hand and hold a camera in the other. The rear view mirror integrated video camera gadget can offer you just the solution.

Gadget – Formula One Lawn Mower

Q: Do you know something that is common to Lawn Mowing and Formula One? A: Both happen on Weekends! Here we have a device that can help you exercise your F1 excitement into some serious Lawn Mowing action.

IAB Review- Ford Endeavour In-car GPS

The Ford Endeavour is one of India’s leading SUVs. It’s lively handling, space, luxuriousness and splendid off-roading capabilities assist it achieving the uppermost spot among similar SUVs. As the Ford Endeavour is more or less favoured by

Gadget of the day: One totally awesome Levitating Racing Car

You have at most seen kids playing with flying saucers but over here is a super-cool car introduced by Axon Racing systems, USA which hovers in air while moving at a high speed of 25mph instantly and even better is the motor upgrade option, which will