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Honda Jazz Carré Blanc launched in France

Based on the elegant finish, The Honda Jazz Carré Blanc is a special edition model launched in France. Only 250 copies will be made available from September this year. The Carre Blanc will only come with the 1.4 i-VTEC petrol engine. The special

The Suzuki Swift Motorsport gets sportier

Suzuki introduces the Suzuki Swift Motorsport edition. Good things are always hard to find, and so is the Suzuki Swift Motorsport edition launched in France. Only 40 units are made available. The limited edition Suzuki Swift Motorsports model is

Renault Logan LPG launched in France

French car manufacturer Renault has introduced the Logan 1.4 LPG in France. 6,700 Euros is the cost of the base model and you pay for a car that has a sub-140 gm CO2 per km rating. This is the second LPG model after Sandero was launched in March 2009.