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Driven: Ford Fiesta Classic 1.4 TDCi CLXI

Back in day we asked you a simple question: Should Fiesta Classic replace the Stone age Ikon? We got a few very interesting responses and most of them were affirmative. Ford India was also thinking on the similar lines and out-of-the-blue we heard the

Ford Fiesta Classic – A Fiesta with some rough edges

The Ford Fiesta Classic was launched a few hours ago here in Chennai and IAB, as usual, brought the details to you first. The Fiesta Classic is not part of the eight new products for India by 2015 but that does not make it an irrelevant or minor launch.

Updates on new Ford Fiesta and Fiesta Classic

Sources have told Indian Autos Blog that there is no massive price slash on the existing Fiesta. The price cut will be to the tune of 40k rupees and the Classic model will come with no serious equipment (which even means no stereo and low cost seats). The

Official – Ford debuts Fiesta Classic on April 7

Ford will unveil the Fiesta Classic in Chennai on the 7th of April. After having sold 100,000 Fiestas since its debut, Ford is going to launch the new series which will technically be the same as the currently running model. Sources have told Indian

Official – Something cooking at Ford India on April 7

Ford India has requested media representatives including us to block out the afternoon on 7th April for a press conference in Chennai. Ford is done with the Figo's celebrations and the 100,000th local powertrain milestone has also gone by. This could

Spied – Ford Fiesta Classic

Ford was understood to be working on the stripped-down version of the Indian Fiesta to fill the void left by the Ikon. And here’s proof. The Fiesta Classic was caught testing by Anything-on-wheels, and it reveals the clear picture – There’s

Is Ford working on Figo sedan?

‘After every death, there is a new life’, so says the law of nature. This is also true in terms of cars. Only weeks after the death of the Ikon, Ford is now reportedly working on a new entry level sedan. According to an industry executive, who has

Should Fiesta Classic replace the stone-age Ikon?

We have been keenly following the development of the Euro Fiesta for the Indian Market. We have got an exclusive video just for you about the Fiesta being tested on Chennai roads. There is no doubt about the fact that the Euro Fiesta is all set to scorch