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Dodge Forza

Fiat Palio sedan rebadged as the Dodge Forza in Venezuela

While reports continue to appear across the internet about Fiat pulling the plug on the Dodge brand, the 112 year old auto company has released a new product in the Venezuelan market, except that this isn't a Dodge.

Fiat rolls out its 13 millionth car in Brazil

Fiat is a sidelined automaker in India with a very limited product portfolio and a negligible market share percentage. But things are just the opposite in Brazil where the Italian brand has been having an indomitable run for years. Fiat in Brazil is

Spied – 2012 Fiat Palio hatchback

The 2012 Fiat Palio (codenamed Project 326) has been under testing since ages. We got you a spy video of the Palio way back in October 2010. Countless renderings later, we have some more spy pics for you straight from Brazil. The new Palio is a little

Sketch – 2012 Fiat Palio

After numerous spyshots, leaked drawings and design renderings, here comes another rendering of Fiat's 2012 Palio. The car in the sketch has the now familiar split radiator grille. The headlamps are inspired by the Fiat Punto and the car is muscular

No BS4 plans for Fiat Palio; Is it heading to the grave?

We will undoubtedly miss India's first hot hatch as Fiat has no BS4 plans for it We've said enough about the Fiat Palio on IAB. We were eagerly anticipating the launch of the refreshed model with slightly more powerful engines. Our anticipation is a

Fiat gears up to go electric in South America with the Palio

Itaipú Binacional - the World's largest Hydroelectric facility and Fiat Brazil have joint hands to manufacture, assemble and test electric versions of Palio Weekend called Palio Weekend Electrico which was unveiled at the Sao Paulo motor show last year. click

Spied- Fiat Palio facelift in Brazil

The Fiat Palio has been around for, believe it or not, 12 years and facelifts are bound to happen eventually. Brazil will witness the launch of this facelifted Fiat Palio in a few weeks time. The changes are minor with a revised grille and bumper,

IAB Exclusive- Fiat Linea Test Drive

While strolling around at a nearby Tata dealership to have first-hand updates of the Tata Nano and the Limited edition Indica - release and the lot, my eyes inadvertently came across a rather strange looking red car, that demanded a second glimpse. Got