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Tata Motors will launch 8 models in Europe

Cars like the Tata Indigo Manza will hit European stores later this year Tata Motors is looking for ways to bring its line-up of cars to Europe. The first cars will be shipped in by the end of this year. Tata is planning to debut a total of eight models

Rendering – Skoda’s budget car based on Up!

Skoda's new city car would be based on the parent company VW's Up! platform. The new car might be named "Popular." The Popular is aimed at developing parts of the world where there is an ever lasting demand for small and economical cars. The city-runabout

New Suzuki Grand Vitara diesel out in Europe

The Suzuki Grand Vitara diesel will soon available in Europe, the car will come only as a 3-door version with the 1.9 ltr diesel engine sourced from Fiat. Recently Maruti Suzuki added Grand Vitara 2.4 ltr petrol to their gamut of cars in India. In

Honda Civic could get the Mugen treatment in Europe

Japanese tuning legend Mugen might just lay its hands on the Honda Civic and what might come out of this is anyone’s guess, a sheer powerhouse Mugen Honda Civic RR expected to rip the roads off. Mugen will be striping extra weight off the car and

Mini Honda Jazz could be the perfect urban runabout

It is true! Honda's city car rivaling the Toyota iQ and Smart Fortwo is a smaller version of the proven Honda Jazz. Honda's mini car dreams have got us dreaming. Honda, I think is emulating the Honda City's strategy meaning a smaller version of the

Honda celebrates half a million Jazz sales in Europe

The Honda Jazz steals our spotlight since it goes on sale next month in India. Reports pertaining to the Jazz's cost have severed buying hopes fueled controversy, and yet again we are posting a figure, which isn't its price tag. In the international

Hyundai to move i20 production out of India

After a 17-day worker strike, Hyundai has resolved the situation and decided to shift i20 production to Europe. Thanks to the strike, export targets fell short by 15% and production was down 5%. The company’s also facing electricity shortage after

Bharat Stage-IV to come into force in 2010

The Bharat Stage-IV will come into force next year, said Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam) president Pawan Goenka. Regulations for emission levels are already the same for CNG and diesel under Euro-IV, a standard which the Bharat Stage-IV

New Exhaust system for Porsche 911 Carrera and Targa

Porsche has just announced that it will offer a new sport exhaust system for the Carrera and Targa models that will give drivers the ability to make their Porsche louder at the push of a button.

More Information on Fiat low cost brand

Autocar UK has published a post giving more information on Fiat's low cost brand for developing countries like ours. The website says the low cost car will come with a "super frugal 2-cylinder engine" but nothing about the displacement or power is