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EcoBoost engines expected on most Fords in India

How could a turbocharged, direct injected petrol engine suit an Indian small car? This is exactly the same question we posed to the head honchos of Ford India at the recent Fiesta media drive in Bangalore. Ford announced the development of a 1-liter,

Ford working on 4, 3 and 2-cylinder EcoBoost engines

Why is this relevant to Indian readers? Because Ford will introduce EcoBoost engines on its cars here in India in the coming years. They have said that Ecoboost is an interesting technology for future Indian Fords. We don't know exactly which engines

Ford interested in bringing Ecoboost engines to India

Ecoboost could be slightly costly, but the benefits should level out extra expenditure over time When quizzed on chances of electric and hybrid powertrains on the Ford Figo during the media drive recently in Goa, Michael Boneham, President and Managing