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Ashok Leyland to help Datsun develop low cost cars

Yet another IAB scoop comes to limelight. Back in March 2012, when everyone was gung-ho about the resurgence of the Datsun brand, we brought you a scintillating scoop that Nissan was going to partner with Ashok Leyland for engineering low cost Datsun

Datsun’s comeback car could be a Tata Nano rival

Just a few days ago, we brought you hot and juicy news that Nissan is going to revive the old ‘Datsun’ moniker in 2014. The idea is to introduce a range of very affordable cars for emerging markets such as India, Russia and China. Thanks to Autocar.co.uk,

Nissan to introduce Datsun brand in India in 2014

Datsun? Isn’t that the early name of Nissan in USA? Yes, indeed you are correct. The Datsun marquee showed the US markets that cars need not be serviced or repaired every two. They can be very reliable and fuel efficient at the same time. However, in