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Fiat Punto Creative with extra equipment out in Brazil

The Creative version gets a bouquet of equipment to keep it fresh A new variant of the Fiat Punto is launched in Brazil, in fact two new variants -- the Punto Creative I and the Punto Creative II. According to the Brazilian blogger, a new Punto

Fiat Nano test mule spotted testing in Brazil

It was only a matter of time before we received confirmation. Our friend in Brazil, Marlos Vidal, says Tata Nanos are running around Fiat's largest production production plant in Betim, Brazil. Marlos explains the car that is doing rounds, is a prototype,

Bajaj ULC to be produced in Brazil by 2012

Our friends in Argentina inform us that Renualt-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, has addressed members of the international media and expressed interest in setting up a plant in Brazil that will roll out the ULC (Ultra Low Cost car). Renault aims to sell more

Spied – New Chevrolet Sail for Brazil, India and China

Doesn't this car look exactly the same as the face-lifted Chevrolet Aveo sedan we brought you earlier? It's a no-frills version, and get this, the Chevrolet Sail would come to India in the future. For GM, things have turned out to be more exciting

Chevrolet Agile – A special report

Before GM filed for bankruptcy, the company was dealing with several projects all around the world. One of them was Project Viva, a small car that would, at first, be sold only in South America. This sort of move is becoming increasingly common. Apparently,

Ford’s small car to cost around 4-lakh rupees

Micheal Boneham, President and Managing Director of Ford India stated the entry-level Ford, developed for emerging markets like Brazil and India will cost close to 4 lakh rupees (roughly $8,000). The car will be produced in both hatchback and sedan forms

2010 Fiat Palio launched abroad- IAB Comprehensive Review

There are talks about a facelifted Fiat Palio in India by the end of next year and this is the car which will do the job of reviving Palio sales in the country, if not anything else. It's a refreshed Palio, with a lot of changes both on the inside and

Spied- Fiat Palio facelift in Brazil

The Fiat Palio has been around for, believe it or not, 12 years and facelifts are bound to happen eventually. Brazil will witness the launch of this facelifted Fiat Palio in a few weeks time. The changes are minor with a revised grille and bumper,