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What to expect at Delhi Auto Expo – BMW India

2011 has been a fantastic year for BMW India. Sure, they missed their target of selling 8,000 cars. But that’s like saying they aimed for the stars and touched the moon. Hoping to continue their lead in the Indian luxury car market, BMW plans to attack

20,000th BMW rolls off the Chennai Plant

As expected, BMW India has been on a roll when it comes to sales figures. The 20,000th BMW has finally rolled of the Chennai plant marking an epic milestone in the company’s India operations, the car being a silver X3 which was recently launched in

BMW India to launch pre-owned car business on November 24

Ever dreamt of buying a BMW? Of course, you did. Don’t have enough dough to buy the BMW X1 (cheapest BMW in India)? Worry, no more. BMW India has notified IndianAutosBlog.com that it will launch its pre-owned car business in India on the 24th of November. This

BMW sells an eye-popping 1,027 cars in March

At this pace, soon BMW will reach a monthly sales number that equals yearly sales number from recent years. BMW India recorded a month of epic sales with 1,027 cars delivered to customers in March. The main contributors to the record-shattering number

Pointers from the BMW X1 press conference

Our man Kaustubh Shinde has communicated this piece of text from the just concluded BMW X1 press conference at Deutsche Motoren in New Delhi. - The BMW X1 for India has a different air filter, higher ground clearance and different suspension setup -

Another Quote of the day

The luxurious growth of large-size vehicles like SUVs is really a growth of concern. Use of vehicles like SUVs and BMW in countries like India is criminal Environment minister Jairam Ramesh wants gas-guzzling SUVs off Indian roads. I would love to

What happened at today’s launch of the new BMW X5?

It was Dr Andreas Schaff's first product launch in India since the time he took over as the BMW India's President from Mr Peter Kronschnabl. Addressing the media on two-in-one occassion of new X5 launch and dealership innauguration here in Gurgaon, Schaff