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Audi A4 LWB launched in China with 6 cm more leg space

Long wheel base (LWB) luxury cars are a big fad in China. Almost every other luxury manufacturer markets a LWB version of their luxury sedan exclusive to the Chinese market. If you are bored listening to us repeat that every few weeks, we have

Stretched Audi A4 facelifted in China

Audi is all set to launch the facelifted version of the A4 long wheelbase model in the Chinese market and spy shots of the vehicle have emerged on blogs and news websites of the Middle Kingdom. The Audi A4L is made by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture.

Audi introduces long wheelbase of A4 sedan in China

[singlepic=211,320,240,,] The Geman Auto giant Audi has just introduced the Extended Wheel Base(EWB) version of its popular car -The A4, in China. Its EWB version will be known as the Audi A4L. What EWB translates into is acres of inside space and legroom.