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Aston Martins to bear AMG technology in future?

We now know that the heritage rich Aston Martin brand is owned by the Italian private equity firm Investindustrial. The firm edged Mahindra in a bid to acquire 37.5% of the stake in Aston Martin, becoming the co-owner of the British marque along

Mahindra leading the race to acquire Aston Martin

As we promised our readers earlier, we bring you the latest happenings in the Aston Martin-for-sale saga. It's learnt that Indian UV and tractor maker Mahindra is in a fierce battle with the Italian private equity firm Investindustrial. The latter

Tata and Mahindra in a tussle to buy Aston Martin?

Aston Martin is one of the coolest brands known to the world but it's ironic that none of its previous owners could capitalize on the marque's iconic status. The British supercar manufacturer was owned by Ford from 1994 to 2007 after which the ownership

Aston Martin announces its entry into India

You read about it first on Indian Autos Blog! As we speak, Aston Martin is announcing its entry into India at its first dealership in Mumbai. Aston Martins will be sold in Mumbai by Infinity cars who also operate a popular BMW dealership in the city.

Aston Martin hits Indian shores by 2010 end

Motoroids is reporting that Aston Martin is going to officially land on Indian shores by the end of this year. The cult British car maker is looking to start with a dealership in Delhi and Mumbai, the two sure-shot markets for exotic vehicles. The

Leaked – Aston Martin Rapide official images

Only this morning we posted information on the Rapide's official Frankfurt launch. Hours later, one of our readers brought this to our notice - Leaked official images of the Rapide. One thing we missed reminding our new readers is about its future

Fully finished Aston Martin Rapide heading to Frankfurt

The Aston Martin Rapide concept was unveiled three years back. Back then the word 'recession' was confused with 'depression.' Who really cared? Aston engineers and customers were fully protected from both, thanks to the development and the expectation

Video – Aston Martin Rapide spied in Kuwait

Temperatures are on higher side during this time of the year in Kuwait. Aston Martin engineers believed this was the finest place to try out the forthcoming Aston Martin Rapide, putting it through some heat testing and logging the response. The

Spied – Aston Martin Rapide sans camouflage

Spy photographers are unnecessary if you look at what Simon Gregg, a follower of Car Magazine has just caught on his cam- That's right, he snapped a production model of the 4-door Aston in a parking lot without ANY camouflage. Take a bow Simon. The

Aston Martin Rapide- First Official details

The Aston Martin Rapide, which is a 4-door sportscar from the British firm to challenge the Porsche Panamera and the Mercedes Benz CLS, is now closer than ever before. Aston Martin have issued a press release which means the curtains are going to rise

Spied- Aston Martin Rapide at the Nurburgring

The Aston Martin Rapide is spied once again, on this occasion performing test laps in the infamous Nurburgring or "ring" as some like to refer it. Previously it was spotted in the cold country of Scandinavia running around in the name of cold weather