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Mercedes Benz flaunts interiors of its new A-Class

Topping the list of leaks this month will be official pictures of the Audi A3 and the Volvo V40 hatchback, which within hours on birth trotted the entire globe. This week Mercedes Benz has decided not to leak their images, rather release a few to keep

Spied – 2013 Mercedes A-Class with Porsche wheels

Mercedes Benz is likely to show the new B-Class at the Delhi Auto Expo and a model they would closely watch is the next generation A-Class that breaks cover during the course of 2012. After witnessing the busy activities in the 20-30 lakh rupee space,

Next generation Mercedes A-Class hatchback takes shape

From the countless Mercedes press events that we have attend so far, we have asked the company many times ‘When will the A-Class see the daylight of the Indian streets?’. Interestingly, Mercedes India doesn’t deny the possibility of launching the