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In Images – New Toyota Camry

While IndianAutosBlog.com was sleeping Earlier this week, Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the 2012 Camry. It did not send shock waves through the corridors of competition given the vehicle was unveiled unofficially through a combination of leaked images

2012 Toyota Camry to be unveiled on August 23 in the US

The thoroughly redesigned 2012 Toyota Camry will be officially unveiled on the 23rd of August. In four simultaneous reveals conducted in different parts of America, Toyota will mimic the new Beetle's debut which saw multiple events around the world at

2012 Toyota Camry caught in all its glory

If you have been following IndianAutosBlog keenly in the past 3 months, you would realize that we are kinda fixated with the 2012 Toyota Camry. Not because it is good or bad (we don’t know that) but because it has been a forbidden fruit in the Automotive

Spied – 2012 Toyota Camry caught camouflaged

The next generation Toyota Camry is a star attraction on IAB. Spyshots, renderings, leaked footage from the dealer unveiling, tease by Mr Akio Toyoda..we've shown it all. As we near the official unveiling, Autoblog.com's spy snappers caught the 2012 Camry

Is the allegedly leaked image of the 2012 Camry a fake?

Last week the entire blogosphere along with enthusiast forums were set afire with news of a leaked brochure image showing the new Camry. We were carrying a video of the unveiling (said to be at the dealer meet in Las Vegas) and didn't pay much attention

Spied – 2012 Toyota Camry caught on tape [video]

The 2012 Toyota Camry has been teased by President Akio Toyoda and it is now time for a youtube user, who has had a first hand look at the car, to do the same. This video was uploaded on July 1st and it looks like a preview of a new Camry to a

Akio Toyoda teases the 2012 Toyota Camry [video]

Toyota Motor Corporation has let the cat out of the bag. By fall 2011 (September-October) the 2012 Camry will be launched in America. The company has released a teaser video and teasing the car is none other than Mr Akio Toyoda, President of TMC. Toyota

Next generation Toyota Camry arrives here in 2012

The next generation Camry scheduled for a fall debut in North America will arrive in India in mid-2012 according to a Toyota official with direct knowledge on the matter. The D-segment market is inviting all players to participate. Hyundai i45, Ford Mondeo

Spied/Rendered – 2012 Toyota Camry

The next generation Camry is a subject of intense discussion after a Toyota official in America was quoted by WardsAuto talking about a fall 2011 debut (September-October). We now have what Chinese weblogs claim are initial spy shots of the 2012 Camry

Next generation Toyota Camry breaks cover in September

WardsAuto reports that Toyota will debut the next generation Camry in North America by the time Autumn kicks in. The current generation Camry (after a mild cosmetic facelift two years ago) has been finding life hard in the Superb-dominated segment for

Rendering – Face of the 2012 Toyota Camry

Will there be an all-new Toyota Camry in India by 2012? I guess there's no way but for Toyota to make one. The Toyota Camry's performance overseas is incredibly good, it's one of the well-known brands, but I can tell you that the Camry in few dozens