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2012 Logan to be based on the Fluence platform?

Although Mahindra and Mahindra has bought the rights to the old Logan from Renault and rebranded it to Verito, internationally the Logan still belongs to Renault and Dacia. It is a very successful model in the eastern European countries such as Romania

Next generation Renault Logan is close to completion

Now that Logan is Verito and the future of the product is looking secure in India, Renault will look forward to selling the next generation model in 2013. Renault's first priority will be to get the first five models out on time and then move on the others,

Dacia plans 8 new models; Next gen Logan by 2013

If you are a Topgear nut like me then there is one car that you will be most familiar with even if you have never seen one – The Dacia Sandero. The parent company Dacia has some serious plans till 2015 and by serious we mean a total of 8 new cars! Let’s

Could this be the look of the 2012 Renault Logan?

We brought you an interesting rendering of the 2012 Dacia (Renault Logan) (code - X52) and now here is yet another picture indicating the way the car could look. We said it earlier and we say it again - the car is heavily inspired by the Renault

Rendering – 2012 Renault Logan

With the current generation Logan sold off to Mahindra in India, Renault could look to bring the next generation car in the coming years. Their product plan is different after the Mahindra-Renault partnership took off in a weird direction. Renault,