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Volkswagen showcases all-new Beetle at Delhi 2012

Volkswagen has disclosed that it will showcase the third generation Beetle hatchback at the Auto Expo next year. The slightly larger Beetle, based on the new Jetta platform, was launched this year overseas. Volkswagen has not discussed specifications

Video: Take a walk around the 2012 VW Beetle

VW recently revealed the 2012 VW Beetle to the world. After being spied countless number of times, seeing the actual production version was a welcome change. The new USP of the 2012 Beetle is that its sharper, more refined and has an excellent interior.

2012 VW Beetle: The bug grows up!

Right from its testing phase, we have covered the development of the 2012 VW Beetle. Finally, VW took the wraps of the 2012 VW Beetle and boy we weren’t expecting this surprise! The little bug has grown up and has become more stylish. Right from

2012 VW Beetle caught undisguised on test

For some reasons (that we really can’t understand), people in India like the VW Beetle a lot. It has been featured in various Bollywood movies, advertisements, posters and has been with us since the days of Hitler. Well, to all those people who like

Is India ready for the next generation VW Beetle?

By Ragav Ramesh The 2011 edition of the "bug" is creating headlines with a lot to offer for its admirers like adopting the some of the classy curves from the original Beetle and a wide range of options to offer under the hood. VW designers have