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Five star rating for Toyota iQ at Euro NCAP

The Toyota IQ, Japan's answer to the Mini, Fiat 500 and the Smart has scored an amazing overall score of 79 percent at the recently conducted Euro NCAP crash test.

2011 Porsche Cayenne- Thorough Details

Porsche had simply got it slightly off-course with the present Cayenne. It is too heavy and soft for a performance SUV and Porsche has just done the right thing with the 2011 model- The stronger presence of Driving Pleasure in it. * The next generation

Tesla Roadsters to ‘Electrify’ the glitz at Oscars

A bunch of celebrities and otherwise very well off individuals have reportedly purchased Tesla Roadsters to garnish their fashion-statements with a Green theme which would mark their Oscar Red carpet session complete.

2012 VW Passat Rendering

Volkswagen's next-generation Passat is expected to bring back the good old days of the mighty VW reign in Germany. It is currently being developed with BMW 3-Series, Mercedes Benz C-Class and Audi A4 in mind. Shown here is a rendered interpretation of

2010 Hyundai Tucson Spy-Shots

A next generation Hyundai Tucson mule was caught testing amidst extreme cold conditions of snow and ice in Northern Europe. This car will be launched late this year as a 2010 model, making its debut as the Tucson in US & Asia and ix35 in Europe. The new

Hyundai Equus – Official info and Images

Continuing our stream of Automobile news updates, we have more info and images of Hyundai's new flagship sedan - Equus. Last time(yesterday), we showcased its interiors. With this latest batch of images, we can finally confirm the existence of two front

Hyundai ix-onic (HED-6) concept car preview

The Hyundai ix-onic (HED-6) concept car forms the basis for the next gen Tuscon, which was clicked by photographers regularly during its testing. The Hyundai ix-onic (HED-6) concept car will debut at the Geneva Motor Show and the Hyundai Tuscon will have

VW Jetta TDI Named “Best Of The Year” by MotorWeek

After a short time gap, the Volkswagen Jetta is in the news again, this time named as "Best of the Year” by MotorWeek in its 2009 Drivers’ Choice Award competition, taking the first position in the annual contest.

Hyundai Equus Interior Images

The Hyundai Equus interior images have made their way on to the internet, 24 hours after the exterior shots. The first thing that strikes you is the sat nav screen, which just like Porsche Panamera, is placed in between two tall aircon vents.

Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva

German tuner Irmscher, to make it more pleasing to the eye, has added visual enhancers to the Chevrolet Captiva and we have to hand it to them, they have done a good job. The engine does not get a bump in displacement, neither have the electronics been

Renault puts new car launches on hold in India

The French car manufacturer Renault, who presently sells the Logan with a tie up with Mahindra, has delayed its plans to launch new car models till 2010.The plans have been shelved due the poor economic conditions prevailing in India.

BMW Performance kit for 335i and 135i debuts at Geneva Motor Show

The Performance kit for the twin turbocharged straight six 3.0-liter engined BMW 335i and BMW 135i will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. When equipped, the engine makes extra 20 hp to total to 326 hp, and extra 50 Nm to 450 Nm. That's not it,

2010 Mercedes E Class Coupe AMG Images

The 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe (as we posted yesterday) will debut at Geneva Motor Show next month. Until today, the AMG version of the coupe remained a mystery, not anymore! Daimler has revealed official pictures and details of the 2010 Mercedes