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Replica Batmobile China front

Chinese man builds Batmobile from scrap material [Video]

According to a report from GBTimes, police in Shanghai were startled upon seeing this Batmobile parked in front of a factory. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the Batmobile wasn’t from Gotham city, but a replica made by 26-year-old local

landwind x7 clone evoque spied front

Clone of the Range Rover Evoque meets production in China

China-based Landwind Motors have started production of their new SUV called the Landwind X7. And as these images show, the company has used the Range Rover Evoque for a more than a subtle design inspiration. The X7 gets Evoque-like headlights, bumpers,

Lamborghini Ferrari Enzo

An Enzo-Reventon anyone?

Take a very close look at this car, because you’ll probably not see anything like this very soon. It looks like a cross breed between a Lamborghini Reventon and a Ferrari Enzo! The bad bit is that it is not as good looking as any of them. Named Predator

Dodge Tomahawk replica picture

Dodge Tomahawk based Chinese ATV

All of us understand what the Chinese are capable of, don’t we. They get into all varieties of problems with auto manufacturers across the planet, and even after a few of their creations were forbidden from entering countries in Europe, they still