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Bloodhound SSC To Break Land Speed Record At 1000 Mph!

The Bloodhound SSC is a purpose built rocket on wheels! It comes from the makers of the current land speed record holder(Thrust SSC) Richard Noble and  RAF pilot Andy Green. In 1997, the Thrust SSC hit a mammoth 763 Mph(1228 Kph) at the Bonneville Salt

Electric Mini rolls in

Electric cars seem to be the future and although one might argue that their carbon footprint is almost the same as a normal IC engined car, use of alternate and renewable energy will surely put all the drawbacks to rest. We had the Chevrolet Volt and

New Fuel-Injection Shock Treatment Increases Mileage

Now days, considerable research is done in stretching that drop of fuel to a little bit more distance. Some researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have developed an improved fuel-injection system that is simple and affordable enough to use in