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Chrome-finished Mercedes Benz C63 AMG spotted in Dubai

All that glitters needn't be gold, and the car you see in the picture is an example of that. This chrome-finished Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, gladly sits on the front page of Indian Autos Blog, as AMG has strayed into India. Images were snapped in Dubai

Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes his Ferrari!

The Young Portuguese Soccer star and Manchester United FC player Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his Red Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano into a roadside barrier inside a tunnel just outside Manchester Airport, United Kingdom. A source close to his family told Portuguese

Santa’s Audi R8

Its time for Santa to be back! Yes its Christmas time. So, times keep changing and we really think Santa needs a change as well. So this is a 420bhp Audi R8 for our Santa so that he can deliver gifts faster so that all those kids out there are happy.

IAB Sunday Special- World’s Weirdest Limousines

The title says it all. Some cool limousines that I came across on the internet. The interiors look to be more luxurious than most hotels suites! Sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures.

It’s a Plane! No! It’s a Car!

[singlepic=176,320,240,,] Is this what flying on the road literally means? If you can’t ever get inside a real F-35, why not create one yourself? That is precisely what Arthur van Poppel did and created this do-it-yourself F-35. Poppel’s jet is a

‘Smart’ Redesign

One of our cool Sunday Specials- No Text and only Pictures. Smamborghini More Smarts based on Ferraris, Audis, Porsches and Corvettes. Now, that’s Smart! Smaudi A3 Smerrari Smorsche Smorsche Targa Smorvette Source: Joe-ks

Insane- Jet powered Daihatsu delivery truck

All you delivery boys out there, pay attention! The days of delayed deliveries are over. With the mini-truck featured in this video, you can finish off a month’s worth deliveries in just a day! How cool’s that? This pick-up delivery mini-truck

Chinese Copy cars- The newest joining the pack

Before reading this article, why not read Chinese Copy Cars part 1? The Chinese market is often called ‘The Gray Market’, simply because of their stunning replicas. Here we have two cars as examples. But hey! These are very good copies of

Crazy Indian Bike rider

What you are about to watch is not an effort by this biker to break the Guinness records but an Indian biker who seems to have been spellbound by his girlfriend’s sms! He has gone Insane! Not only is he endangering his life, but others’ as

IAB Exclusive-Transparent Rims

All the famous wheels from OZ, BBS (and millions more) and all thrive because of their designs and light weight. Think oh the amount of time we spend in choosing a rim for our car. Well, for all those, what we have here is possibly, the world’s

Introducing The Blade Runner

50% bus, 50% truck, 50% train The British company Silvertip Design has created a concept vehicle, which is a cross between a light rail and a bus. The Blade Runner concept aims to reduce traffic congestion and is a dual-mode vehicle concept. The unique