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Live Images: Mahindra showcases Reva NXR

Finally after buying 55% stake in Reva, Mahindra is showcasing the first product from the tie up. Although, the company has displayed the concept models of the Reva before, there were not really finished products. At 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, Mahindra has

Spied – Mahindra-REVA NXR’s rear uncamouflaged

Days after we uploaded an image of a completely unmasked REVA NXR electric vehicle from Bangalore revealing the front-end, we have a new spy pic courtesy of a Motor Vikatan reader revealing the rear.This week Mahindra announced that the NXR is coming

Spied – REVA NXR sporting Mahindra logo

We've been hearing about REVA's NXR (next generation REVA) in India since the time it premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in late 2009. If you recollect, our Brazilian follower Gustavo Ruffo sent us snaps of the unveiling too. REVA initially hoped

Spied – REVA NXR testing outside Bangalore

The REVA NXR was unveiled way back at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September 2009. Since then REVA has seen its ownership change hands and a rejig in the retail strategy. Mahindra's acquisition meant the company's objectives were re-looked including plans

Spied: Mahindra Reva NXR in Chennai

Mahindra is betting big on EV technology and that was quite evident when they acquired Maini Motors, the parent company of Reva (a.k.a G-Wiz). The Reva has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism because of it cramped interiors, wayward handling

Is the Reva NXR a mass market automobile?

If there is one manufacturer from India that is betting big on fuel saving technologies it has to be Mahindra. They were the first ones to introduce the Micro Hybrid (a.k.a Start-Stop) in India. They have showcased a functional hybrid vehicle and the

G-Wiz to be discontinued in UK

The Reva/G-Wiz will be discontinued in UK this Autumn, GoinGreen, the exclusive importer of G-Wiz in UK, has revealed to AllCarsElectric. Rudi Schogger, managing director of GoinGreen – I am writing to announce the sale of the last new G-Wiz out

Mahindra REVA aims for 1300 units in India next year

Since the time REVA began selling EVs, it only has managed to dispatch 3,000-odd units globally. Come 2011, with the help of a new facility in Bangalore capable of producing 30,000 units/annum, and Mahindra's dealership network, it is looking to sell

Mahindra Reva NXR and NXG to be launched by 2011 end

Maini Reva has been renamed as the Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicle Company after Mahindra's takeover of the Bangalore based electric car maker.Reva unveiled two electric car concepts, the NXR and NXG at the 2010 Auto Expo New Delhi. Mahindra Reva

Spied – Reva NXR in Bangalore

Spied while undergoing testing on the outskirts of Bangalore by our reader Tarun Kumar Tripathy, this Reva NXR is a Left Hand Drive model. The car was traveling at a very moderate speed (you can't expect an EV to take you on the inside on a sharp

REVA interested in Fiat’s Sicily Plant

With this move, REVA could produce electric cars from Italy as well Fiat's Sicily plant which once was believed to have attracted attention from Tata Motors, is now being connected to the world's largest electric vehicle makers REVA.The REVA Electric

REVA trucks and buses to follow shortly

REVA wants to license EV technology to global CV manufacturersAfter trying numerous experiments with passenger cars and electric equipments, REVA is now trying its hand in electrifying the commercial vehicle business.Similar to the GM-REVA deal,

Northern Lights Energy and REVA in Europe/Iceland agreement

Reva NXR will be sold in Iceland by Northern Lights EnergyNorthern Lights Energy (NLE) and the world's largest maker of EVs Reva Electric Car Company (RECC), have joined hands to explore the electric vehicle market in Iceland.According to the