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Automakers collaborate to find the future of motoring

The future of motoring is the most hotly contested topic in the automotive world. The fossil fuel reserves of the earth are depleting as we speak and we need an alternative solution fast. The problem is that nobody knows what the future is going to

Tata Motors And ISRO join hands to build a Fuel Cell Car

[singlepic=180,320,240,,] Indian auto major, Tata Motors has signed a partnership agreement with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to build India’s 1st fuel-cell car (possibly for 2009) . Fuel Cell technology is considered the cleanest vehicle

Hydrogen powered motorcycle- First of its kind

A group of scientists at the Loughborough University demonstrated the ENV, the worlds - the world’s first ever hydrogen-powered motorbike. Yup, you heard it right, hydrogen it is. The bikes look like they came from the future and that's good as it will