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Maruti Swift tail lamp customized BigDaddy

June 11 & 12 in the history of the Indian auto market

As we proceed into the 12th of June, 2013, let's look back on some of the events from this day in recent history.June 11, 2009 - Honda Jazz is launched in India, the car's available only in petrol variants and is the highest priced hatchback in the

Maruti Swift Dzire

June 7 & 8 in the history of the Indian auto market

Today morning we walk you through the pick of developments that were recorded on Indian Autos Blog on the 7th and 8th of June since 2009.June 7, 2009 - Fiat plant produces its 10 millionth car 33 years after the commencement of production.June

Renault Duster front quarter left1

June 5 in the history of the Indian auto market

Here's a look back at all the automotive events that played out on the 5th of June since 2009.June 5, 2009 - Chevrolet Spark LPG variant steps into showrooms, Hyundai Verna Transform with provocative looks launches in Korea. Hyundai India would launch

2013 Audi Q5 headlamp

June 4 in the history of the Indian auto market

In this post, we walk you through the developments that unfolded on the 4th of June every year since 2009.June 4, 2009 - Audi launches the Q5 in India - the model goes on to become its segment leader and TKM introduces the Toyota Corolla Altis Sport

Skoda Superb faclift assembly interior

June 3 in the history of the Indian auto market

The 'in History' post aggregates top stories that appeared on this day in the last four to five years. It is scheduled to appear right at the start of every working day.Why should I read the 'in History' post?You track current affairs with our

1st September in Automotive history

September 1, 1950: First Porsche completed A new chapter in Porsche history began today, with the company’s return to Zuffenhausen, Germany, and the completion of the first Porsche. The first car to bear the Porsche name had actually been built

30th August in Automotive history

30th August 1916: Studebaker announced the release of the Heaslet Special, a semi-custom touring car. The car was named in honor of Studebaker’s vice president of engineering, James G. Heaslet. 30th August 1945: A pale green Super Six coupe rolled

28th August in Automotive History

August 28th 1921 Erection of the Paragon Motor Company factory began in Cumberland, Maryland. The company’s production was limited to just four prototypes, and the factory was never finished. August 28th 1922 The famed Autodromo, an automobile-racing

27th August in Automotive History

August 27th 1904 Newport, Rhode Island, imposed the first jail sentence for a speeding violation on this day. This was a severe sentence in 1904 since traffic laws were still comparatively new-the first traffic laws wasn’t brought about until 1903,

20th August in Automotive History

August 20th 1946 World War II civilian truck confinements were taken off in the U.S. Truck restrictions were only the beginning of special regulations during the war. Civilian auto production more or less stopped after the assault on Pearl Harbor as the

18th August in Automotive History

August 18th 1905 Newell S. Wright, an attorney, filed to register the Cadillac crest as a trademark. The insignia has adorned Cadillac’s luxury car for almost a century now and is very distinct. August 18th 1937 The Toyota Motor Company, Ltd., began

17th August in Automotive History

August 17th 1915 Charles F. Kettering of Detroit, Michigan, patented the electric automobile self-starter on this day. Kettering, along with Edward A. Deeds, established Delco (Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company). Kettering and his company invented