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Review – TomTom VIA 125

TomTom claims to provide the world’s best GPS service and since its been in India for a couple of years, we went out and tested one of their products to find out what the hype was about.

Gadget – Flexible Reading Lamp

Here's a gadget which has been specifically designed to aid front seat passengers. Its a flexible reading lamp which allows passengers to read a book or search for something which has accidentally fallen on to the car's floor, without switching on the

Gadget – Car seat cold air circulator

One feature we loved in the Audi A4 we drove a while back, has to be the air circulation feature which fires cold air into your back, through the seat pores, and keeps it sweat free. You would love such a feature on your daily commuter, wouldn't you?

Gadget – Car shaped Alarm clock

A clock shaped like the front of a car is the first thing a petrol head wants to see when he wakes up, if not a real car. Based on a Hot Wheels car called the “Nitro Doorslammer,” the 'Snore Slammer' is sure to slam the brakes on your early morning

Gadget – Suzuki Swift Alternity Bumblebee

Takara has added one more toy to their Alternity toyline which consists of transforming cars. The first two models were the Nissan GT-R Convoy and the Nissan Fairlady (350Z) Megatron, which frankly would not suit our blog. The newest addition will

Gadget – Dark Knight Motorcycle suit

If you're not featuring as a superhero in a Hollywood movie, you won't be wearing this. But c'mon, this is totally wacky and deserves a place on our front page. Someone loved the Dark Knight movie so much that he went out, brought some materials home

Dutch iPhone 3G catches fire inside a car

The iPhone 3G might be the hottest thing in the mobile phone industry, but it is setting things on fire once it reaches its end user. An unsuspecting dutch iPhone 3G owner made a big mistake by leaving his new iPhone inside his car. He laid it

Gadget – Foldable Solar powered Traffic Cone

The good thing about this gadget is it takes up little space, and for people who travel long distances particularly during the night, this is an essential gadget you need to have in your boot. Introducing the Collapsible Solar-powered traffic cone.

Gadget – Park ‘N Place Garage Parking Aid

There was nothing more scary than reversing in a crowded parking lot to the person who is beginning to get accustomed to four wheels. I wish this gadget was present at the time when I learned to drive. The Park 'N Place Garage Parking Aid comes in

Gadget – Top Gear V8 pencil sharpener

This is fun! I'm sure 3 out of 4 people reading this blog are addicted to Top Gear, the Stig and Jeremy Clarkson's antics. For those who can't wait for the next season, why not sharpen some pencil the top gear style and while time moves you closer to

Gadget – Head-Up Display for your car

In your budget car, have you ever wished that you could just keep your eyes glued to the road without having the temptation of looking down at the speedo? Although our roads do not allow us to explore the more extremes on the speed front, we often

Gadget- Bluetooth kit that mounts on the steering wheel

If you belong to the type of people who envies those driving a car with steering mounted controls, we have a potential remedy for you here. The cute fellow you see above fixes on your steering wheel and allows you to attend your calls with both hands