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Petrolhead Alert – Fiat India all set for a comeback

Very few people can understand why petrolheads in India love Fiat cars. It can’t be explained and I am not going to try to as well.India’s love affair with Fiat started way early in 1964 when the Premier Padmini (essentially a Fiat 1100D) was

Is the SUV era of India over? Not really

The 2013 Union budget was expected to perform miracles for the Indian automotive sector. However it turned out to be a shocker for most automakers.The finance minister’s decision to increase the excise duty from 27% to 30% has caught most automakers

3 questions for Fiat India CEO Rajeev Kapoor

I sat down with Fiat India's CEO Rajeev Kapoor at the launch of the Fiat Caffe in Janpat, New Delhi and asked him three questions our readers have often put across to us through our Twitter, Facebook and comment channels.Will Fiat India revive the

New Year Special – Koenigsegg Agera on Indian roads!

Our new friends at THE ESTD, distributors of exotic brands such as Koenigsegg, Ariel and Gumpert in India, have shipped us a selection of images of the mid-engined Agera supercar finding its way carefully through some rough patches of Indian road. The

Happy birthday Indian Autos Blog

A personal blog that started out as a place where three college going auto aficionados would rant about cars every evening has come a long way in three years. I feel as if I wrote our second anniversary thanksgiving note weeks ago and it's already been

Is this the Skoda Felicia a.k.a new Octavia?

Since the demise of the old Octavia, Skoda has kept mum about its successor. There were various rumors circulating in the market about a mysterious car called ‘Felicia’ which is supposed to succeed our Octavia. Unfortunately, this mysterious car was

Spied – Chevrolet Beat TCDi

GM India’s most anticipated model that promises so much is this – the Chevrolet Beat diesel. Equipped with a 936cc, 3-cylinder engine based on the Fiat 1.3l Multijet, it will produce around 57 bhp and 140 to 150 Nm of torque. This core focus

First Look – Mercedes Benz G55 AMG

Part of job of being an Auto Journalist is that we do get to attend a lot of product launches. But if you think that product launches must be very ‘happening’, I am afraid I have to burst your bubble. Most of the product launches are quite dull and

Rendered – Hyundai HA small car

By Shoeb R Kalania On close study of the HA test mule images, signs of a mini i10 was revealed. I don’t expect the two to share any components, but where the inspiration is gathered from, there are no doubts. It carries design cues from the modern

Segway plans assembly line in Gurgaon

If you haven’t heard of Segway before and you are thinking there you go another manufacturer looking forward to make your life more miserable when it comes to car buying, don’t worry Segway doesn’t make cars. What they make is something called as