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Test Drive – Ford Ikon TDCi initial impressions

The Ikon was Ford's premium offering many years back, preferred by the rich and the elite, it was the car to be seen in and sold in large numbers. Since the introduction of the Fiesta, that has changed and most of us till it was re-introduced last

Test Drive – Mahindra Xylo E6 Part 2/2

Every A.C vent has individual open/close provision, which is a very novel idea. Climate control could have made more people happy, but the abundance of vents all around the cabin keeps you as cool as the car itself. The centre of the dashboard

Test Drive – Mercedes Benz C230 Avantgarde

The coveted three-pointed-star is the best indicator of one's prosperity. If the S-Class is Emperor and the E-Class is King, the C Class can only be and always will be the Crown Prince. In this review, we find if the new Prince has what it takes

Test Drive – Mahindra Xylo E6 Part 1/2

When I had gone to pick up the Mahindra Xylo from the parking lot, I wasn't that excited, had not seen the Xylo in depth like Shrawan did during the launch, all I got were glimpses of it on the Mumbai roads. I expected the Xylo to be another Mahindra

Test Drive – Mercedes E280 CDI Part 3/3

In the last part we discuss on its engine, gearbox, ride among the other things. We also list out the things that the new E-Class hopefully leaves behind. If you have not read the earlier parts, you can here - Part 1, Part 2

Deluxe Duel – Volkswagen Jetta vs Skoda Laura

We have tried and answered questions that magazines and blogs could not have even thought of. Though readers might term this comparison useless and pointless, for someone really confused as to which car is better, that one answer, that one defining

Test Drive – Toyota Land Cruiser part 1

Full marks to - Siddhant Ahuja, Shakti, akash, The Automotive India, Adithya Arikere, Deepak Sasi You all got it right! It is the Toyota Land Cruiser! @niel - we will be driving the Fortuner shortly, so you can expect a report a little later Recession

Test Drive – First impressions of the Mahindra Xylo E6

OK, so what do we have here? This doesn't seem like a Mahindra from any angle. Preceding to the launch, If its badges were pulled off, nobody other than any of the Mahindra engineers would have recognized it. I can debate on its looks in five

Test Drive – Mercedes E280 CDI Part 2/3

Note- We decided to make this a 3 part review since we can't stop going on and on with this car. If you have missed the first part, you can catch up with it here When we finished admiring the exteriors, we jumped inside only to be greeted by

Test Drive – Mercedes E280 CDI Part 1/2

The more important regions of the world in Mercedes' view have already received the new E-Class. India is yet to register it and we are informed it will arrive here in the next few months. But before she bids farewell to us, we craved to have her

Test Drive – BMW X3 2.0d

Now, once that we are through the prism of the recession, lifestyle choices that once seemed so vital now really don't seem to be that crucial and this message has been picked up correctly by a lot of car makers. It's time to cut the fat and bring

Test Drive – Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI part 2

Gadgets - The Skoda Superb is laden with an annoying number of driver and occupant assist gadgets EPS, Parking Assist, power seats (driver and front passenger), a large touch screen in the centre of the dash which displays information on the CD

Test Drive – Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI part 1

These fellows could victoriously sell two generations of the Octavia side by side in India, but on a segment higher, the level of competition is completely different and needs a different approach. The Superb sales were not so superb in India. BMW

Test Drive – Mercedes Benz ML 320 CDI

Well to start with I got a brand new Mercedes Benz ML 320 sent to me by Mercedes Benz for Indian Autos Blog, and it was at my disposal for the next two days, during which I had planned an on and off-road test on it. The M Class is one of the most