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This is how the Rolls Royce Wraith could look like

It's been just over a couple of days since we updated you on Rolls Royce's future car (which will be the company's most powerful car ever made) and today we can have a brief idea of what the Wraith could look like. The folks at Carscoop have pieced

Rolls Royce ‘Art Deco’ cars hit Paris

As reported earlier, Rolls Royce is celebrating the ‘Art Deco’ era at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. To commemorate the era, Rolls Royce will unveil a trio of customized cars to pay respect to the 1925 Paris Exhibition. Connoisseurs believe that

The Rolls Royce Phantom Series II rolls into India today

The imperial Rolls Royce Phantom Series II will be unveiled in India today and IAB will be there to cover the extravaganza. The Rolls Royce Phantom cars are considered to be the epitome of automotive luxury and elegance and the new Phantom Series

International Wrap – Geneva Motor Show 2012

These updates are brought to you by Steering News. Click on the corresponding thumbnail to read the full story Ford unleashed a barrage of images and details of the Torneo Custom Concept that heralds the company into a new generation of passenger carriers

Rolls Royce inaugurates showroom in Chandigarh

The million-dollar baby of the auto industry, Rolls Royce, extends its footprint in India by the inauguration of a new dealership named Select Cars Pvt Ltd in Chandigarh. Rolls Royce is the undisputed king of the super-luxury car market, and shares a

Rolls Royce plans to add two dealers in India

Luxury car firm Rolls Royce, bowled over by the reception to its renewed range in India, is planning to add two dealers, taking the total to five, its Business Development head told reporters recently in Hyderabad. The official had flown down to inaugurate

Rolls Royce struggles to meet demand in India

After an absence of 50 years, the RR badge returned to India and boy were they surprised to know how popular they are over here. In fact, now they are facing another problem in this market. The demand is outstripping supply by miles and the company is

The Spirit of Ecstasy on a High in India

Right from the British Raj, India has always loved Rolls Royce, even more than Mercedes. Most of our Maharajas used to have one (or more than one in some cases) parked in their garages for special visits of their empire. Some even pimped them up with