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Rolls Royce SUV announcement

Rolls Royce SUV confirmed – IAB Report

The new vehicle will be “Effortless…Everywhere” says the company. Rolls Royce has just announced that a high bodied product which can cross any terrain, or SUV in simpler language, is currently under development. No launch timeline has

Rolls-Royce Ghost Majestic Horse at Bangkok Motor Show 2014

Bangkok Live – Rolls-Royce Ghost Majestic Horse

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Majestic Horse Edition has been brought to the Bangkok Motor Show. The vehicle is not a global premiere as it comes from November 2013 when Rolls Royce commissioned it to celebrate the year of the horse in China. The special edition

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II headlamp detail - Geneva Live

Geneva Live – Rolls Royce Ghost Series II unveiled

Rolls Royce has unveiled the Ghost Series II at the Geneva Motor Show. The British luxury brand says that the Ghost Series II sees a subtle redesign. The luxury car retains the 6.6-litre turbocharged V12 engine that makes 563 bhp, delivering a 0-100 kph