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Mercedes Benz sells 500,000 C-Class models around the World

Mercedes Benz has delivered 500,000 C-Class models (5 Lakh) from the current 204 Series to customers around the world since the vehicle’s international launch in March 2007.Mercedes Benz C-Class is the segment leader globally since the beginning of

Spied- Facelifted Mercedes Benz S-Class

Mercedes had an Indian Ad campaign that went-"Make the best car and then improve it." Well, we totally agree but even then the S-Class that is the epitome of luxury and refinement has been given a subtle facelift. We bring you some pictures of an almost

Carlsson Noble RS for Mercedes S-Class

Renowed Mercedes cars' tuner Carlsson, has just weaved their magic around the Mercedes S-Class. It makes the already imposing car much more intimidating. The car gets generous doses of Carbon-fibre thrown in for good measure. These include Stainless steel

Mercedes Benz to bring AMG models to India by December

German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz (A part of Daimler Chrysler) is planning to launch its hyper-performance AMG (Aufretch Melcher Grobaspatch) models in Indian market by the end of this year. AMG is a wing of Mercedes Benz which procures the stock

Mercedes Benz S-Class tuned by Lorinser

Lorinser a well known company for its Mercedes after-market modifications in Germany, is now in India. Their recent exploit is the new Mercedes S-Class, code-named  W221. The new kit of this huge Merc includes new springs, a TUV approved lowering kit

Daimler supports a Nobel cause in India

Daimler is supporting the Cleft Center that opened in Mumbai this spring with a donation of  €50,000. The clinic performs operations and subsequent medical checkups on children with cleft lips, palates or jaws.

Mercedes Benz C-Class tuned by Lorinser

Lorinser is famous for its modification works on Mercedes’ cars. Just a look at their site will tell you that they mean business. There is not a single Mercedes model that they have not laid their hands on. The C-Class being the best selling model

Mercedes Benz S-Class tuned by Prior Design

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is luxury in the wordbook of automobiles. The comfort, dependability, power, performance are exceptional, and it’s design is no different. It has struck everyone and the Mercedes design engineers have used the same cues

Video- Mercedes S600 Pullman Guard

The S600 Pullman Gaurd is for those who want more luxury as well as safety that an S-Class has to offer. It’s definitely not a driver’s car as its mile long wheelbase will literally make you bleed in traffic, and I haven’t started on

Spied- 2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS

Looks might be deceiving. At first glance, this might look like the existing CLS version launched in 2004(Which somehow looks fresh!). But thats where the similarities end. Being a test-mule, makes it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The car will share

Expression Motorsports kit for 2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes Benz C-Class happens to be one of the most powerful, safest and nicest looking sedans you can buy for BMW 3-Series money 😉 But what’s next after you’ve purchased one? Possibly you could drive it to the maximum and assess its

20 percent of Mercedes-Benz cars to be hybrid by 2015

Have you seen hybrid vehicles like the Honda Civic hybrid? It might be the only hybrid car on sale in India, but be prepared to see more of them since Mercedes Benz has announced that out of the thousands and ten thousands of cars it sells across the

Inden Design tunes Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is one of the world’s safest and advanced automobiles. Having won numerous trophies and accolades from across the globe, this luxury sedan can’t get any better. Or perhaps it can. German tuner Inden Design has now