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Spied – The more we see this, the more we want it!

A lime green test mule of the Kia Picanto has been testing in Chennai since late November last year. As you may have read, the Picanto is the first cousin of the Hyundai i10 (the second cousin is the Kia Ray, a boxy hatch reserved for the Korean market). The

Spied: Clear images of the Kia Picanto testing in Chennai

Yesterday our editor Shrawan very nearly fell off his car trying to snap a white Picanto testing in Chennai (case of an occupational hazard in our field). But then again, it was worth it because was the first automotive website to

Kia says no to India; Is it our loss?

The blogosphere was buzzing last year with the possibility of Kia Motors setting up shop in India. Unfortunately, Kia motors, Korea’s second largest auto company, clarified yesterday that it will not set up a shop in India. Kia Motors – Our hands

2012 Kia Picanto: Is this the new i10?

By Kaustubh Shinde The Kia Picanto is no new bird to the Indian Market. And although you may have never heard about this car over here, I am sure you have sat in it at least once in your life. Yes, it is nothing but a Hyundai Getz in Kia clothes. But

Quote of the Day

We, at Kia Motors, are only in the initial feasibility study stage in terms of deciding if we will eventually enter the Indian market. Hence, it is too early at this point to comment on any specific question Michael Choo from Kia’s public relations

Kia Motors planning to set up plant near Chennai

We had earlier reported that Hyundai's subsidiary Kia Motors would be making an Indian foray soon. Kia Motors which has been growing steadily in foreign markets over the past few years would be looking to storm into the booming Indian car space and