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Mini Honda Jazz could be the perfect urban runabout

It is true! Honda's city car rivaling the Toyota iQ and Smart Fortwo is a smaller version of the proven Honda Jazz. Honda's mini car dreams have got us dreaming. Honda, I think is emulating the Honda City's strategy meaning a smaller version of the

Rendering – Honda’s new small car

We always knew that an all-new Honda small car was in the works. We thought that the new car would be boxy like the 600cc Honda Zest sold in Japan. Now, it appears that Honda is working on a super compact car for the US market also. A car that would

Malaysia gets Honda Jazz S Modulo Limited Edition

If only we were Malaysians, we would be lucky to buy the Honda Jazz Grade S Modulo limited edition, which basically is a top-end Jazz fitted with the Modulo kit. Nevertheless it looks like fun. The Modulo kit for the Honda Jazz is made up of front

Honda celebrates half a million Jazz sales in Europe

The Honda Jazz steals our spotlight since it goes on sale next month in India. Reports pertaining to the Jazz's cost have severed buying hopes fueled controversy, and yet again we are posting a figure, which isn't its price tag. In the international

Honda Jazz and Hyundai i20 are military tanks, literally ;-)

The latest EuroNCAP safety results are out and 5 out of 6 new cars crash-tested scored 5-Stars of which, we're interested in only three cars; Honda Jazz, Hyundai i20, Suzuki Alto/A-Star (the cars sold/yet to be sold here in India). Euro NCAP’s

2010 Honda CR-V reaches Italian dealerships

The refreshed Honda CR-V with new bumpers and grille has been set afloat in the Italian market. Dubbed the CR-V Action Sky and CR-V Action Trend, the new variants feature nothing more than new bumpers and the fog lights pushed a little back has these

No kidding – Honda Jazz is COTY 2009 in Greece

The Greek gods should have been pleased that day. They came upon the judges, who were made to bestow the COTY award on the Jazz. The Jazz was chosen to be "the one" by gods Apollo and Zeus. Or was it? It might sound all fun and games, but the truth

Details on Made for India 1.2-liter iVTEC Honda Jazz engine

There's a lot of Honda news to be had today. As you might have read, Honda is releasing the Jazz hatchback in the Indian market next month, after a lot of trouble and thought. The Honda Jazz comes at a price tag above the City in some markets however

Yeah! A 1.2-liter Honda Jazz at 5.5 lakh is coming your way

After more than two years of waiting, Honda finally has good news for all of us. Yes, they've gone on air officially confirming the Honda Jazz's launch this June. To make it easier to assimilate, bulleted are the features of the Indian Honda Jazz Will

Rendering – 2009 Honda City 3-door Coupe

3-door cars are a sparse find in India, forget 3-door sedans. Nevertheless, a little stretch of an artist's imagination can lead to a lot of interesting effects. Especially if it's a photoshop transformation of a popular car. Take for instance, the