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2010 Honda Civic

We’ve done an article on the 2010 Honda Civic before, so check that out too We generally buy cars since we like it and that that is the best the automaker can give us at that point in time. Then they come along giving us a facelifted version with

Honda City Diesel and Jazz Diesel might happen

Since its debut in 1995 with the Honda City, Honda has never thought about a diesel car. Despite the lack of a diesel engine, Honda could somehow entice the consumers with its ultra smooth petrol engines. Even abroad, Honda offers its popular i-DTEC (diesel)

Honda Hybrid Motorcycles by the year 2010

Hybrid cars have begun to crowd the automobile space of late. The Toyota Prius was the first ever mass-production hybrid car and since then many manufacturers have joined the bandwagon. In India, the Scorpio Hybrid is just about to be put into the market,

Honda City Concept car unveiled in Australia

The new Honda City has just been introduced in markets like India and Thailand, and the last thing you would expect Honda to do is build a concept car based on it. And they have done just that! Honda has disclosed its newest creation, the Honda City Concept

Honda Unicorn Grand Prix edition out on sale

Having made the same Unicorn for so many years now, Honda Motorcycles has apparently got fed up (just like the way we did a long while back). As a result, 3,500 Unicorn Grand Prix will be made in racing blue, white and green colors. The engine and gearbox

Honda plans to launch two small cars in four years

Having launched the face-lifted New Honda City, Takeo Fukui, President and CEO, Honda Motors, said the company is now eying the premium hatchback & small car space and would launch two small cars in India within the next three or four years. The

What to expect from HONDA for the Paris Motor Show?

· World Debut of the Honda Insight Hybrid Concept Car · European Debut of the all-new Honda Jazz · World Debut of restyled Civic Hybrid · World Debut of Honda’s i-DTEC Automatic gearbox · FCX Clarity and CR-Z show Honda’s Low Emission

Honda CBF Stunner Review

What?            Honda CBF Stunner 125 When?           On sale now How Much?    Rs 59,037 (OTR Chennai) Build Quality and Styling Bajaj predicted that people are bored with 100cc bikes and higher capacities bikes are the way to

2009 Honda City- An indepth look

The Honda City was one of the very first cars which Honda sold in India, and haven’t they come a long way. It was a very move brave by them to release cars like the new-gen City and Civic, whose face and form were unique and radical. Cars in the

Eye Candy- 2010 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular cars in Automotive history, and it’s not very tough to understand why. I mean, look at the current gen Civic. The interior design is like two decades in advance and its exterior appears as though

Honda working on hybrid CR-V; Indian advent unlikely

India’s most preferred SUV is undergoing a welcomed transformation as a motor and a battery pack will find itself a place on the SUV in the coming years. The CR-V hybrid will fight against the likes of Toyota Highlander hybrid once it goes on sale

Honda’s new hybrid to cost less that Prius and Civic

A top Honda Motor Co executive said on Wednesday (13th August) that the company’s all new gas-electric hybrid that will compete directly with Toyota’s Prius will be priced lower than the current Civic hybrid. Richard Colliver, executive vice

Honda CR-V diesel now serving as taxi in Deutschland

The Ford Escape hybrid was the first hybrid SUV in the world to be used as a taxi, in NY on a large scale. The Cadillac Escalade hybrid subsequently followed in Dubai, and now the CR-V diesel in Germany. Governments and organizations across the globe

Next Gen Honda City goes European

Honda’s best kept secret, the all new Honda City is out. The current Honda City has dominated the mid-size market, but the latest model which looks slightly bigger is likely to hit on all manufacturers. The new City has no resemblance to the current