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Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes triumph in All-Stars Awards

AUTOMOBILE Magazine, one of America's leading automotive publications, recently announced the winners of its 2009 AUTOMOBILE Magazine All-Stars Awards. Each year, the editors of AUTOMOBILE Magazine convene to test, evaluate, and debate the performance,

Honda Activa Makeover- Likely before March 2009

Yes ! And Honda insists that this is not the regular change of stickers or addition of more colour options (as Honda has been doing for the past 7 years). Honda is quite serious this time, and people ready to buy the Activa have a very good reason to

Honda F1 team NOT bought by Carlos Slim

Many of the leading newspapers and blogs reported earlier today that Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim, the world's second richest man, had bought the Honda F1 team. But spokesperson of Carlos Slim has issued a statement which clearly conveys that Carlos

Honda Jazz hybrid to go on sale by 2010

While Indians are enthusiastically awaiting the Honda Jazz, Honda is busy developing the hybrid version of this sought-after hatchback for international markets, where it will be introduced by 2010. The Jazz hybrid will be constructed utilizing the

Honda Civic hybrid debuts alongside Keanu Reeves

We had Mustangs, Camaros, Ferraris and lots of other special star cars in Hollywood and now things have taken a turn with the debut of Honda’s low-emission eco-friendly Civic Hybrid. The Honda Civic Hybrid stars alongside Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood

Honda to develop entry level car below Jazz

So, we have always been expecting to see the Honda Jazz for quite a while now and its still not here in India. Honda has just announced plans to develop an all new small car especially for emerging markets like India. This small car will be launched

Honda looks to pacify existing Civic Hybrid owners

[singlepic=168,320,240,,] Honda has recently slashed the price of India’s first hybrid car, which is the biggest discount (40%) in Indian automotive history. The Civic Hybrid is now cheaper by almost Rs 8 lakh (USD 17,000). This puts it at Rs 13.36

Honda chops Rs 8 lakh off Civic Hybrid’s price*

*Offer valid only till December 2008 Honda has slashed the price of India’s first hybrid car, the Civic Hybrid by almost Rs 8 lakh (USD 17,000). This puts it at Rs 13.36 (USD 27,000) Lakh instead of its earlier asking price of Rs 21.50 lakh (USD

SEMA 2008: Galpin Accord Concept

[singlepic=131,320,240,,] SEMA has one more show star of Indian interest. We had a look at the Civic yesterday and now we have the Accord coupe. The Galpin Accord Concept is actually pretty tasteful for a Galpin Auto Sports vehicle, and even if the bright

SEMA 2008: Honda Civic HFP Concept

[singlepic=122,320,240,,] Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) of the automobile aftermarket was formed in 1963 and now consists of over 7,094 companies worldwide, bringing together aftermarket manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers,

2008 Honda City- An indepth look

The Hinda City has always maintained its superiority in the Indian market and now we have a new version. The Honda City is now in its third generation, has been launched in India, Singapore and Thailand. In line with the global economic outlook as well