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Image of the day- 1000th Ferrari in Hong Kong aboard a ship

Victoria Harbor played host to a visually spectacular ceremony for the delivery of the 1000th Ferrari to its customer in Hong Kong. Back in the 60's Ferrari delivered its first car in the country. The model isn't mentioned, but isn't every Ferarri special

Ferrari F450 will debut at Frankfurt

Ferrari is in the process of replacing the iconic F430 which was the firm's largest selling model by far with the all new F450. This will give the F430 a life of just 5 years, a period where it had earned a lot of applause for its performance and razor

Ferrari unveils ‘F60’ – 2009 Formula 1 car

Ferrari on Monday became the first formula one team to reveal its 2009 car - The 'F60', named in celebration of the fact the Italian marque is the only to have contested all sixty seasons in the sport's history. It was launched with a low-key event at

Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes his Ferrari!

The Young Portuguese Soccer star and Manchester United FC player Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his Red Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano into a roadside barrier inside a tunnel just outside Manchester Airport, United Kingdom. A source close to his family told Portuguese

Ferrari F1 cars to sport Tata logos in 2009

Ferrari will soon sport an Indian touch. While motor sports has been on a crash course for the past few days - with Honda pulling out of Formula One and Suzuki and Subaru exiting the World Rally Championship, in a trend reversal of sorts, Indian corporate

And the winner of the Official Ferrari Perfume is…

So it's time to announce the winner of the Bottle of Ferrari Perfume- It's Nelson.T !! Congratulations to Nelson and tough luck to the other participants. We fed in all the emails into a randomizer and picked the winner. And for Nelson, we'll email

Sunday Specials-Lego replica of Ferrari F1 car

Fancy driving the legendary Ferrari F1 car? F1 too high for your reach? This might just be the answer- A life sized replica of the Ferrari F1 car made of Lego bricks! This is Ferrari’s tribute to celebrate the anniversary of the legendary brick

IAB find of the day- Unusual Ferrari Toilet seat

If you ever thought toilet seats ought to be racier, look no further, help is at hand. This racing pedigree toilet seat hails from Italy, quite unexpectedly from the ‘Prancing horse’ stable. Ferrari takes its merchandise business very seriously.