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Nissan hopes to sell 100k Datsuns a year in Indonesia

Nissan has pinned a lot of hope on the revival of the Datsun brand. The low cost brand which was discontinued in the 1980's will be the key to Nissan's ambitions in emerging markets and achieving its ambitious goal of Power 88. Nissan has announced

For Russia, Datsun cars to use Lada platforms

Nissan hopes to capture the fancy of masses of emerging economies using the Datsun brand. Announced in the early months of 2012, the Datsun brand will enter markets such as India, Indonesia and Russia from 2014.

Datsun brand may go into other emerging markets

The hype around the Datsun brand is almost palpable. When Nissan announced the revival of the Datsun brand in India, they mentioned that it will be simultaneously launched in two other emerging markets - Indonesia and Russia. Reuters reports that Nissan

Datsun planning as many as 5 models for India?

A report on Financial Chronicle reads Nissan's low-cost brand Datsun, revived this year to penetrate high-growth emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Russia, with affordable and practical cars, has an ambitious plan of introducing 5 cars in India

Ashok Leyland to help Datsun develop low cost cars

Yet another IAB scoop comes to limelight. Back in March 2012, when everyone was gung-ho about the resurgence of the Datsun brand, we brought you a scintillating scoop that Nissan was going to partner with Ashok Leyland for engineering low cost Datsun