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BMW 3 series performance

Short and sweet is what we like, but BMW has made it all the more tempting as well with this new video. This is a small clip on the 3 series performance version that is coming soon to a showroom near you. It includes subtle changes to the exteriors which

Is this the next 1 series Beemer?

The 1 series was always criticized for its van like looks and the horribly cramped interiors.Relief came in the form of the rear wheel drive layout (cool for a hatchback isnt it?) and the1 series coupe and now we are about 2-3 years away from the moment

Renderings- 2012 BMW 3-Series

[singlepic=118,320,240,,] The computer generated images of the next generation BMW 3-Series(above), made its debut appearance in the German AUTO ZEITUNG magazine. Chris Bangle’s creations certainly have a good road presence, and this rendering is

Electric Mini rolls in

Electric cars seem to be the future and although one might argue that their carbon footprint is almost the same as a normal IC engined car, use of alternate and renewable energy will surely put all the drawbacks to rest. We had the Chevrolet Volt and


Of late, BMW has been making lots of off-beat cars like the X6 and the soon to be launched BMW PAS. This though, is completely useful. The X5 has moved a class up with bigger size and 3rd row of seats and the X1 is almost as big as the X3 which means

Spy pictures of 2010 BMW 5 series

BMW 5 series is India’s best selling luxury sedan in its class. Did you know that it holds an enormous 56% of the Market share? So the A6’s, E-Class’s, S80’s are all battling for the rest of the pie. BMW 5 series has the style

Lumma tunes the BMW X5

Lumma design, reowed tuner of German brands Mercedes, BMW and Porsche has unveiled a special tuning kit for the BMW X5 called the CLR X530S. Available exclusively for the X5 wearing no dynamic package, the kit includes a new front bumper, a carbon-fiber

IAB Specials – BMW 7 Series Official Catalog

Good day for BMW fans, no doubt. We have for you the official BMW 7 Series Catalog and datasheet, in PDF formats. Many other Hi-Res pictures released as well. the car doesn’t look that bad after all. Bmw 7series Sedan Catalog Bmw 7series Sedan Datasheet

Dinan Tunes BMW 535i

Once again we have the famous tuning company Dinan, a well known tuning house which specializes in tuning all BMW cars. They have now introduced the much awaited Stage 2 Performance Engine Software for BMW 535. It also matches the the new car warranty

BMW confirms city car- Will it come to India?

With guys like VW, Skoda, Mercedes-Benz thinking of launching their existing small cars or tailor make small cars for India, the chances of BMW bringing, or maybe manufacturing its city car in India is high. The German manufacturer has confirmed that

BMW M3 tuned by Vorsteiner

The letter M maybe the most powerful alphabet, but a 3 accompanying it makes it more exciting without doubt. The M3 is all nuts already and we hear that Vorsteiner has gone a bit mad with even more mods. American tuner Vorsteiner wanted to modify the

Facelifted BMW 3 series and Estate Preview

BMW has always been the closest to heart when it comes to driving experience. We have got some exclusive pictures from Germany with the new facelifted 3 series parked at the dealerships. The new 3 series has its work cut out against the all new Audi A4

New bodykit for 3-series by Wald International

We have always talked about German tuning companies and they are definite favourites too, but here we have Wald International, a Japanese tuning company which has come up with a superbly fitting bodykit for the BMW 3 series. The kit made for E90 3 series

Dinan Tunes BMW M3 2008

The all new BMW M3 which was launched recently, now gets a performance tuning kit from Dinan. The M3 is in short, a BMW 3-Series after a few shots of Russian Vodka. Dinan, a tuning company founded in the year 1979, is well established as North America’s