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2014 Delhi Auto Expo likely to be hosted in Noida

The New Delhi Auto Expo is one of the largest and important motor shows in the world. Its probably the worst organized show in the world as well. While the Delhi Auto Expo is supposed to uplift India's pride by being a true world class event, the last

More details on General Motors’ Tavera Neo3 CRDI

General Motors showcased the Tavera Neo3 at Auto Expo last week. Due to the maddening number of unveilings and launches, we had to skip highlighting the changes on the new model. Today, we're going to dig a bit deeper and find out what all is new. The

Do you want the Maruti Suzuki A-Star Cabriolet?

We all must have dreamt of zooming down the street in a convertible car at some point either during college or when we earned our first pay cheque. Sure, there may be a lot of pollution and unfavorable weather conditions in India, but that doesn’t deter

Live Images: Mahindra showcases Reva NXR

Finally after buying 55% stake in Reva, Mahindra is showcasing the first product from the tie up. Although, the company has displayed the concept models of the Reva before, there were not really finished products. At 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, Mahindra has

Maruti Suzuki unveils Ertiga MPV at Delhi Auto Expo

Maruti Suzuki unveiled the Ertiga (er T Ga) at the Auto Expo and said that the market launch will take place in end of March or beginning of April. For Suzuki Ertiga is another fine example of its expertise for developing fuel efficient, light-weight

General Motors showcases Sail hatch and MPV

General Motors has just unveiled two products, Sail hatchback and MPV, brought in from the joint venture partner SAIC's portfolio. These vehicles will be launched in the market this year. General Motors is not delving into the details and the questions

Ssangyong displays four products at Delhi Auto Expo

Ssangyong unveiled four products today at the Auto Expo namely Rexton, Korando E, Actyon Sports and XIV-1. If you are a keen observer of the auto industry, you'll immediately realize that these have all been shown at previous motor shows. The Rexton

Skoda India showcases RS2000 Roadster at Delhi Auto Expo

Skoda India may not have showcased Citigo at the New Delhi Auto Expo but don’t be disappointed if you're a Skoda fan. Skoda India has displayed the hot RS2000 roadster study for us petrolheads. This classy concept car is a tribute to their outstanding