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IAB Advice – Replacing a car’s Fuel Filter

The fuel filter of a car is one of the most critical components of a car's fuel system. It has to ensure that the car's engine is supplied with clean fuel, in order for it run optimally and deliver good performance and fuel efficiency. The fuel filter

IAB Advice – Battery Maintenance

The battery is the heart of a car's electrical system and proper care is essential in order to ensure that the battery is in good shape. A car's battery has to perform two functions namely: supply the starter motor with enough electricity, so that it

IAB Advice – Do it yourself Repairs

The basic repairs which every car owner should know thoroughly and be able to execute are: 1. How to replace a car's battery. 2. How to add additional brake fluid. 3. How to change the engine oil. 4. How to change a flat tire. 5. How

IAB Advice – Driving in the wet

Everyone enjoys driving their cars and riding their bikes, but when it comes to driving in the rains, it is a whole different ball game altogether. One needs to be very careful while driving or riding in the wet and no matter how good a driver or

IAB Advise – How to drive in traffic

Traffic is the worst enemy to driving. Here's how you could make it easier Cities like Delhi and Mumbai are becoming more and more congested and that means you've got to drive for longer time to cover the same distance. The worst part is negotiating

Naz narrates – What I learned about tires

This is an article that explains to the common man some of the basic details regarding an essential part of their motorcycle - the Tyre Tubed and Tubeless Tyres In simple terms, tyres which have tube in it are called tubed tyres and the ones which

IAB Advise – Night Driving

Rule number 1- You will not drink and drive. You endanger your own life, leave alone the life of others. Apart from this rule, here are certain things that will help while driving at night. The headlights, taillights, indicators and windows have

IAB Advise – Wearing the right driving attitute

In this latest post of the weekly Advise section, we're dealing with a topic which many of us need to pay attention to. While driving, we have to be conscious of the responsibilities we have. The topic of driving attitude is explained today. We take

IAB Advise- Checklist before going on a long journey

From here onwards, the Indian Autos Blog team has decided to come up with useful tips regarding your car and related matters once every week. This we hope will help car owners around the world. With our tips, you'll learn how to always do things in