The shake-up could lead to good or bad news. The decision is just weeks away The Indian wing of French carmaker Renault will restructure the JV it signed four years ago with Mahindra. The first and only offering of this partnership, the Renault Logan, which got off to a flying start has simmered down to a level of 500 units a month raising difficult questions. The Logan..

The tale of Renault’s losing battle in India continues to take new turns and shortcuts to reach a nearest dead-end. First, Mahindra dropped-out of the three-way JV in Chennai.  Leave alone Logan’s sub-1000 sales figures, due to the the poor economic state, Renault was left in a bit of a soup, car sales of the brand was affected globally. Yesterday, Renault’s..

The deteriorating sales of Logan hasn’t deterred Renault’s aggressive plans of producing cars at its Chennai plant by 2011. According to Mr Marc Nassif, Country General Manager, Renault India, Renault globally has small cars, sedans and sport-utility vehicles, its just that they have to select the right model that’s best for India. Renault is expected..

The Bajaj ULC project was deployed into action by Nissan, Renault and Indian bike and 3-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj last year by displaying a prototype at the Delhi AutoExpo. Ever since the Nano was formally announced on March 23, the Bajaj’s Nano has drawn wide interest of the Indian public. The Hindu Business Line reports Brazil will be an overseas market where..

The French carmaker, Renault in collaboration with Indian UV maker Mahindra is planning to launch the Sandero hatchback in the Indian market by the year 2010. The plan will help both companies to make use of the full capacity at the Nashik plant, as Logan sales are drowning in India. The Renault Sandero will be built on the Logan platform, sharing key components, will..

The French car manufacturer Renault, who presently sells the Logan with a tie up with Mahindra, has delayed its plans to launch new car models till 2010. The plans have been shelved due the poor economic conditions prevailing in India. Renault had tied up with Japanese car maker Nissan to set up a plant in Chennai with about Rs 4,500 crores investment for duration of..

Korean carmaker Hyundai has made grand plans to rival Japanese car major Toyota’s iQ. The iQ is among the smallest cars you can buy off a showroom, whose concept was introduced back in 2007 at a glitzy Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. Sources in Hyundai have revealed the car will look simpler but will be more functional. This gives rise to doubts whether this is the..

The 2009 Nissan 370Z is the first full redesign of the iconic Nissan 350Z since its introduction in 2003. The new model builds on the strengths of its predecessor, with a brilliant balance of power, performance, handling and style. The engine was from Renault, the car was designed in America by an Indian! This is the Z’s Indian connection! Now, Nissan has revealed..

Mahindra Renault Logan- when you think of this name, space, space and more space comes to your mind- Why, it’s India’s first wide body car. Mumbai Taxi driver’s association were looking to replace their fleet which presently boasts of decade old cars like the black-yellow Premier Padmini which can’t serve as taxis in 21st century any more. They..

Skoda Superb Parking Assist beat opposition BMW and Renault to take the honor of Sky Motoring’s Best Gadget in the website’s annual awards. Sky Motoring’s judges praised the Superb’s Parking Assistant system for its ease of use despite the car being ‘King sized’ and commented “It sounds destined for a slot on ‘It’ll..