Unveiling the most powerful Ferrari ever made is bound to be quite an occasion for the Maranello based supercar maker. Naturally, the details of the upcoming Enzo successor should have been kept in a vacuum, zero-gravity, bomb proof container buried 10ft underneath a secret panel, somewhere deep inside the confines of their factory! While McLaren has already shown us..

As the 83rd Geneva Motor Show unfolds next Tuesday, we are ready to witness history in the making. After a decade, Ferrari is ready with a new flagship to fill the shoes of the Enzo. Codenamed Ferrari F150, the Enzo successor was almost revealed by QuattroRoute Magazine in their latest issue. As one can see, it sports the new headlamp design that debuted on the 458 Italia..

We are just a couple of weeks away from feasting our eyes on the Ferrari F150 (codename). The red hot supercar from Ferrari which will be the Enzo’s successor is scheduled to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 4th. Ferrari has already previewed the car to select invitees at a private unveil in Maranello. Autonews.com reports that, according to their sources,..

You don’t need to visit your optician as you read that right! The very private and secret preview of Ferrari’s all new F150 hypercar was attended by two Indians! To brush your memory, Ferrari has been hosting private previews for the Enzo successor over the past few weeks. These previews have been happening at the company’s Maranello office. Needless..

As the Ferrari F150, the fastest and arguably the best of the Italian thoroughbreds, inches closer to its public debut, we bring you the glorious V12 sound track of the car to jump start your day! [can’t watch the video? head to Youtube] A Youtube user named Marchettino uploaded this spy video and we owe him a salute. We can now see the Ferrari F150 in action. The..

They say at Ferrari they don’t sell cars but dreams. When it comes to a limited edition Ferrari, not everybody can dream of owning it even if you are able to afford it. For the Enzo successor which is codenamed as the Ferrari F150, Ferrari is in the process of choosing 499 elite and deserving customers throughout the world. Hurriyet Daily News reports that out of..

Ferrari has started holding private presentations for the new F70 (codename – Ferrari F150) for its well to do clients. There have been no leaks or scans on the internet from these functions, but here’s what Autoblog.com.mx posted recently from an event that was held in Maranello, Italy – The F150 makes 800 hp at 9.200 RPM with an additional 150 hp..

Ferrari’s Mr. Luca di Montezemolo has confirmed that the eagerly awaited Enzo successor, codenamed Ferrari F150, will be unveiled next month. Talking to Automotor-und-sport.de, the Italian supremo hinted that Ferrari would build only 500 units of the F150. Almost the entire petrolhead fraternity of the world is waiting with a bated breath to know how the latest..

Earlier this month, Iacoski Design submitted a rendering of the Ferrari Enzo successor, codenamed F150, on their website. Several speculative renders fabricated with the teaser shots as the framework have been appearing on the internet these past few weeks. Ferrari are to reveal the F150 only at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March.   Lets do a quick revision in Ferrari..

To celebrate its 70th birthday, Ferrari will launch an ultimate supercar summoning all its experience of supercar manufacturing, putting together race winning Formula 1 cars, its latest designs, technologies and materials. The Enzo was launched to celebrate 60 years of Ferrari supercars, while the F50 and F40 marked the Italian company’s earlier milestones. These..