Dacia, a low cost brand under the leadership of Renault-Nissan, has started working on ULC project whose price tag is expected to hover around 5,000 Euros (around 3-4 lakhs). Interestingly, the Datsun brand will also sell cars in the same price bracket. The proposed hatchback is smaller than the Sandero (above) and will continue the Dacia tradition of offering cars at..

Renault’s low cost vehicle division Dacia known for its affordable and reliable engineering is developing a mini car called “Citadine” according to AutoBild Germany. As the name suggests the car will be an urban A-B type.  The Renault group is aiming at sales volume of the VW group’s Up! with this sub-Sandero product. Dacia is known for sharing..

If you are a Topgear nut like me then there is one car that you will be most familiar with even if you have never seen one – The Dacia Sandero. The parent company Dacia has some serious plans till 2015 and by serious we mean a total of 8 new cars! Let’s unravel them: 1) First is a low cost car called Citadine with a price tag of EUR 5,000 (we about it under the name..