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BMW and Mercedes Benz to join forces?

According to the German car-magazine auto, motor und sport, the first terms of coming cooperation between BMW and Mercedes-Benz are almost certain. The most important aspect in their partnership, is the purchasing together of car parts that will help

A Dream Realized- Audi TT bought from Adsense money

Any new blogger will have high dreams and ambition to earn a lot of money through his blogs. Love for the money has never left men. No dream is too big unless and until you work hard. Here is a guy who has achieved this wild goal of owning a Audi TT from

Spied- Chevy Cruze spotted in China

The Chevrolet Cruze a.k.a the next gen Optra/Lacetti, was spotted testing in China camouflaged. According to sources, the Cruze has been developed by GM’s international design team and will be sold as an global car, i.e. under various brands in different

Wanna know how fast your BMW is??? Try the iphone then

So you may think, whats a iphone doing on IAB. Well BMW has given us a cool software that can measure performance figures, g forces etc, the same kind of stuff that Polyphony Digital (makers of Gran Turismo) programmed for the Nissan GT-R‘s onscreen

Spy Pics: Porsche 911 Lawn Mower

Normally we have seen the spy shots of cars and bikes. Now this time here is a special lawn mower that probably doesn’t have a place to display in their showroom but it definitely has a Porsche badge in it.

‘Mini’ rickshaw in Beijing !

Hmmm. We know that the great Olympics is being held in Beijing right now and that it is expected to attract record spectators both on and off-field. Not to miss out on advertising and marketing opportunities, Mini has put together a bunch of Clubman rickshaws,

IAB exclusive! 2009 BMW 3 Series for India

The present BMW 3 series is a good looking car. Somehow BMW thought it needed a mid life facelift. WOW they have created a stunning facelift. BMW India is expected to bring in the facelifted 3 series sometime soon(read early 2009). The 3 series is the

Indian Avatars- Japanese Superbikes that are set to enter India

Japanese 2-wheeler giants Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki are working on toned-down versions of their international superbikes specifically for the Indian Market. The proposed bikes will come with engines of smaller size and smaller dimensions, carrying

India’s most expensive car crash!! A Lambo LP 640 !!

India also appears to have joined the list of Expensive car crashes. There was a crash involving a Ferrari in the city of Chennai (situated in South India) a few years ago. This is the second involving a Lamborghini Murceilago LP 640. This took place

Meet Flatmobile- World’s lowest street legal car !

Officially recognized by the Guinness World Records for lowest street legal car, the Flatmobile stands at just 19 inch or 48 cm tall. You can check the build progress of the FlatMoble at the FlatMobile website. The car is rear mounted with a 875cc engine

Circus Quad !!

This may look like a car that’s fallen from a fairground ride, but it is in fact the Street Quad from Arizona-based Talon Performance.