The Tata Nano, once upon a time the cheapest car in the world, may not have been as successful as Tata Motors hoped for. Controversy was once its byword, politicians, environmentalists and rival car companies had complaints even before it landed in showrooms. As the Nano waded through controversies, it was met with intense criticism as a handful of Nanos went up in flames...

The age of diesel engines for motorcycles, some believe began (and ended) with the Royal Enfield Bullet Taurus. It needed a backbone made of steel, and teeth of titanium to bare the vibrations and harshness of riding one. If you were driving near one, you needed ear plugs. While diesel engine have evolved to such a level that it terrorizes the gasoline engine’s..

Coinciding with the launch of new 220 DTSi, Bajaj today announced that it is going to roll out the world’s most fuel efficient engine series, called DTS-Si version 2.0, which incorporates 5 major innovations. Designed and developed completely by ‘Ahead’, Bajaj Auto’s R&D, major changes include Oval Pent Roof Combustion Chamber for maximizing charge density;..

What is the Corolla Altis Dual VVT-i about? The Indonesian market has a firm relation with Toyota vehicles and Japanese manufacturer has dropped yet another variant of the best selling Corolla Altis in the market. The 2.0 Dual VVT-i variant features only a new radiator grille, but only when you open the bonnet you find the rational explanation to the word “Dual”..

Car scratches could be a thing of the past if what these scientists have come up with finds its way on car bodies. They have come up with an innovative special coating that self-heals. You heard it right – It will self-heal when it is exposed to sunlight. This can make scratch-free cars a reality as they can be incorporated with the conventional polymers already..

If you have a love for the engine, the word Multijet should make your heart beat faster. Well, it’s the award winning engine that’s doing all the thermodynamics under the bonnet of the Swift, Palio, Indica Vista and 500. GM could use this engine in the future, and all of the Indica’s and Indigo’s in the future will latch on to this technology,..

New 3.0-liter V6 engine from Audi delivers a maximum of 420 Nm torque at 2,500 rpm, is the same until 4,850 rpm Roots Blower supercharger fits inspite of the 90-degree V of the cylinder banks superior to the other Audi petrol engines with fuel economy figure of 9.5 litres / 100km and CO2 emissions of 210 g/km weight including supercharger is 189 kilograms common rail..

A new study from Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment has found that crop-based biofuels, in any form, is speeding up global warming rates by pumping far more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, than conventional Fossil fuels. The researchers looked at 20 years’ worth (1980-2000) of satellite photos of tropical areas and discovered that half of the..

Pollution levels are rising every day and maneuvering through my city traffic with windows rolled down in the morning rush is like negotiating a metro sewer without a gas mask. Smoke, in all colors and smells enter my car, so strong that attempts by several car perfume manufacturers went futile. This innovation- Kanishk Sinha, 30, and his wife Lipika, 25, have been the..

Mercedes Benz has revealed that it will institute the Attention Assist system on it’s E-Class sedans as a standard feature starting 2009. The Attention Assist system warns the driver if it detects that he’s feeling drowsy. Fatigue is accountable for giving rise to more than 100,000 crashes and 1,500 deaths yearly on roads in the US of A, and the king of gadgetry,..